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Pin Head
31st Dec 2002, 10:02
Just out of interest are there any EMB 145 operators around.

On another point can I assume that getting a job is like winning the lottery in that part of the world.

1st Jan 2003, 04:54

There are no EMB 145s in Australia at this stage.:( :(

Good jobs in Australia are quite hard to get but I guess it's like most places persistance pays off usually. So if you really want it you'll get there.

All the best.

Pin Head
1st Jan 2003, 13:04
what about dhc8 then?

1st Jan 2003, 14:10

I hope this isn't some kind of wind up. If you are keen to find out you can visit the CASA website and have a look at the Australian aircraft register.


Dash 8 is pretty different to EMB145.

2nd Jan 2003, 04:29
Pin Head,

there's a fair few Dash's in the D and G region. none of the -400 series at this stage. the main players are in the QantasLink group,National Jet Systems and Skippers Aviation in Oz. Air Nuiginea and MBA in PNG and I think there are a couple of operators in NZ. (sorry if I missed someone)

Happy Hunting,