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31st Dec 2002, 02:18
I am looking for an A320 flight manual if anyone can help me.

Also are there any ex-AN A320 drivers out there who would be willing to spend a few hours with me sharing their knowledge of the aircraft ?

Thanks in anticipation,

31st Dec 2002, 05:02
Gday Airplt

To your dismay the best place to look is the Keilor tip!

Fox and Lew issued AN pilots with brand spanking new manuals. We had to give them up a few weeks later as part of our redundancy procedure.

737 Manager nicknamed "Suit Without A Man" was last seen organising an industrial bin for their disposal . Foolish really, as there would have been a buyer for them in the form of specialty aviation bookshops. Big market for this type of stuff amongst enthusiasts evidently.

I still have mine, found some flight attendant manuals lying around and gave those up instead. Our management was always easily fooled.

If you are near Byron Bay happy to lend.

Our original Ansett A320 manuals a great keepsake. We flew the aircraft procedurally as our grandfathers did ANA DC3s!

Anyone in the market for a set of Jeps? Haven't been amended since March though! A fine bottle of red will do it.

31st Dec 2002, 08:02
G'day Airplt,

Best bet would be to try someone working for an Airbus operator that follows the manufacturers instructions (Fcom), An was not one of them (try an Asian/ European forum). The developed carriers (again, not An) follow the manufacturers instructions with minor company variations, thus making anything you pick up in the manuals far more portable. A319/20/21/ A330 Fcoms all fit on one Cd,


31st Dec 2002, 11:02
fut_airplt: e-mail me, I may be able to help/advise.

Kind regards,


2nd Jan 2003, 06:10
As an ex AN driver who now flies o/s, I can assure you AN did in the last 12 months fly the FCOM. There were minor variations, but these were very minor. Overall it was an excellent operation.

Before FCOM was introduced (phase in period of about 2 years) the AN procedures were built on 727/dc3 operations.

Introducing FCOM was the best thing that B.S did for the AN operation. As we had already operated FCOM it was a smooth transition for myself and several other AN guys when we did move into a differnt airline operation.

2nd Jan 2003, 11:13
Gday Hip Hop

My God, the Ansett Flight Department spin lives on!

You guys are incorrigible.

People would joke you could never, ever get a seat in BS's office because they were taken by ambitious F/Os.

And theirs was never a true reflection of the line pilots, more what BS wanted to hear.

I too am witness to foreign airlines Airbus procedures. To suggest they are comparable to the basterdised Ansett FCOM a pipe dream.

Like most exAN pilots abroad, transition smooth, more to do with 6000 hours on type than clumbsy Ansett FCOM.

Full FCOM was thrown at pilots overnight and during administration. It was amatuerish with training and feedback that consisted of a phone call from a Boeing Management type to ensure manuals received and fully understood. Many hadn't but to be outspoken would cost one their job!

Hip Hop it was sound advice to fut_airpilot to seek manuals beyond Ansett. Our mumbo jumbo might cost him his sim ride at Dragon or Air China.

Baron Captain ?
3rd Jan 2003, 06:12
I believe Ray at Flarose has a fair bit of Ansett stuff that ex staff have their for sale...He is in melbourne...He has a website www.flarose.com I think????.....He used to be the supplier of uniforms etc and got stung with $$$$$$$$$$$$ worth of stuff...


3rd Jan 2003, 15:15
It's good to see some of you guys have moved on from the "cocked up bastardised BS" you had to endure thrust on you by so called experts within AN.

As a former AN A320 driver (before the war) it was enlightening to join the real world. (what a screwed up chickenshit outfit AN was) Now you guys that have been forced to "see the light" can go out and enjoy and fly the aircraft as the manufacturer meant them to be operated.

"Airplt' don't waste your time with any AN Manual unless you need it to wipe your arse. :D :D :D

4th Jan 2003, 02:04

You haven't said why it is you want these manuals. A little more info might go a long way.