View Full Version : Any good books on aptitude test?

31st Dec 2002, 02:22
Can anyone recommend any books on preperation for aptitude/psychometric testing that places like CTC do?



Gin Slinger
31st Dec 2002, 03:48
I bought 'How to Win at Aptitude Tests' by Paul Pelshenke a while back. Found it by chance with an Amazon search.

No idea whether it has any significance for CTC or any other organizationís weeding process, but I found it highly illuminating.

Will report back in 6 months on it's significance, at which point [hopefully] I can say I've passed aforementioned tests.

31st Dec 2002, 09:24
Try Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning by Tolley. Plenty of practise tests included. The key to passing these tests is accuracy and speed and these books will certainly help you there.



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