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4th Jul 2001, 20:00
I have just got a 2:1 in my degree, and had just had the BA Final Board... and today i found out I have been rejected. I am pretty upset of course, and am now wondering what I should do to convince BA that I am made of the right stuff.
Any ideas for what BA might be looking for for candidates that re-apply?

4th Jul 2001, 20:56
JIW, I suffered precisely the same fate. Sadly I was a bit of an old graduate and I was too old to reapply or apply to any other sponsorship scheme for that matter.

If you're young enough just keep reapplying and apply for all the others as well.

I felt "well s*d 'em I'll do it myself."
Now almost three years later I have 165TT, Night & Multi ratings and have sat all ATPL exams & Perf A. I am just about to go off to do my CPL/IR.

It can be done but it's a bugger. Your next step is to get a "proper job" to pay for it all and as something to fall back on.

Have a structured plan. It will come if you're patient and stubborn.
Good Luck........

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