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The Pegasus Project
11th Oct 2001, 23:56
Sorry folks,

My last post (now deleted) must have made me seem like a right git. I utterly accept, after a days reflection, that I am wrong and I thank those of you who replied for your crushing honesty. I withdraw everything I said and hope no one holds it against me.

It's just difficult to accept that the dream is dead after giving it everything and being so close. I pray nightly that BA recovers quickly and that the "hold pool" isn't just a way of letting us down gently. I know I am not alone in this. I am also aware that things look rough at the moment, but we have to look to the positive surely ?

I and my friends will continue to do what we can to help BA, but I appreciate that we need to tread carefully around BA and the whole industry at this sensitive time. No one has any hard and fast answers, and uncertainty is good for nobody.

Good luck to everyone - lets all hope we can be part of the turnaround whenever that may be. Meantime, time for a major re-think.

I did say at the end of my original disastrous post that we should all be thankful for small mercies and the fact that unlike all those poor people, we will live to see another day. Maybe thats the sentiment I should leave you all with.

Sorry for any offence I caused, hope you understand.

Au Revoir,

TPP. :( :( :(

Wee Weasley Welshman
12th Oct 2001, 00:02
You are right. Your 1st post was a disaster and must rank as one of the most crass things I have read here over the years.

That said.

You have been man enough to recognise this and dispose of the offending item.

You have also seen fit to post an apology and that - in my eyes - means you are absolved completley. We all make silly postings from time to time - me included and I should know better than you.

Cheers and good luck,


12th Oct 2001, 00:51
TPP, you said it, mate! But well done for apologising to your peers - a brave move.
As for the future, don't give up on BA yet. As I understand it, they've placed you in a hold pool so that they can resurrect your training courses as soon as they can see further ahead than the end of their nose - not easy at the moment. That, obviously, leaves you in suspended animation with no information. There can't be any information until BA, and everyone else, has some idea of how the aviation world is going to shape up in the medium term. That cannot be determined with any hope of accuracy until the military action is long over and passengers start to return to the airlines. Let's hope that's sooner rather than later!

12th Oct 2001, 13:00
It takes a lot of courage to stand up, admit a mistake and make ammends. Fair play to ya!

Don't worry- God knows I have been responsible for irritating people when i've been in more "impressionable" states. (Safeway's merlot - 3.99) :p

Should be responsible for a few more bloopers before the night is out! :D

No hard feelings


12th Oct 2001, 13:25
Good for you.

Learn and move on, all the best for the future, just don't give up.

Crosswind Limits
12th Oct 2001, 16:30

You did the wrong thing once and the right thing twice - quit while you are ahead! ;) ;)

Best of luck.

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