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27th Dec 2002, 19:56
While there are any number of pilots training/aiming for a position with Qantas I for one would be most interested in just how many pilots have actually been taken on by QF each year for say the last four or five years.

Are we looking at dozens or hundreds per year ?

Could those with the above knowledge please share it with the rest of us.

Sonny Hammond
27th Dec 2002, 20:04
Hundreds per year.

In last five years they have employed around six hundred.

28th Dec 2002, 21:52
900 pilots in the last eight years to June 02.

28th Dec 2002, 23:06
Any idea how many more they will be putting and when all of the current recruitment will cease?

29th Dec 2002, 03:21
About 180 in the previous 12 months. :D

EPIRB, I think even their own estimates change pretty quickly! Opinion changes faster than policy, so it's anyone's guess. If the world doesn't change too much there is probably a few years left - especially with A380s coming down the track! :)


29th Dec 2002, 05:30
I guess my next question is how many pilots does Qantas employ in total.

Note this is on the QF Domestic and International routes, not the QF regionals.

29th Dec 2002, 06:51
Good point CJ. This is the 'mainline' figures. Doesn't include any 'link' figures.

EPIRB, in April '94 they gathered all of the Level IV and Level I cadets (about 100 of us all up) and told us all to 'forget Qantas. If we call we call but don't wait for us. Get on with your lives'. They took the first PUIT course six weeks later and we were all in by the following January. It stops equally quickly when the time comes. Lots of stories in QF of blokes in the '70s who were about to depart on their final command check to get a phone call the night before and told it wasn't happening and were subsequently F/Os for another 5- 10 years (depending on which version you hear!! ;) ). I guess the moral of the story is that you can't tell either way. It may go gang busters for the next five years (like the last four or so) or it may drop off to nothing for a while.

There are due to be about 20 retirements a year (unless they all bid to come to the 767 or 737 :rolleyes: ) for the next five years and then it ramps up to 30 or so after that from the 'long haul' list of crew. Don't know of short haul numbers in that.

Good luck either way.

Freek Flyer
29th Dec 2002, 08:51
Qantas Mainline have around 2200 pilots employed at the moment. From what I hear recruitment will continue for the near futue with 12-16 a month starting. But as Keg says, providing things don't change!

Hope this answers your questions.

Cheers All :)

30th Dec 2002, 00:04
Freek Flyer, if you're referring to the seniority list - that's only longhaul! :) Is it about another 800 or so 737/330?

30th Dec 2002, 01:44
Nah, thats total numbers Lancer. If you do a search through the pdf file from the FLT OPS web site of the seniorority numbers there are actually two lists. One of the lists has the 'Q' pilots first and the other has the 'A' pilots first. For people like you and I it doesn't change our numbers but for the guys on the respective branches of the 'y' it changes them by a fair bit- not that the numbers really mean anything unless you are sweating on a promotion in the respective fleets! ;)

30th Dec 2002, 05:48
Aaaaahhhhh, I was using Jack's list as a reference :D

Sweating? Yeah... now you mention it... I just thought it was the weather ;)

2nd Jan 2003, 00:12
No wind up , just a question. Out of the 900 pilots employed how many were from the QF regional group?

2nd Jan 2003, 01:39
Wawoftam. To be honest, I don't have a clue. All the data I have is from the QF seniorority lists. For example, I wouldn't be able to tell you how many cadets in that number either. I'm not sure that QF would even data capture that kind of info. They'd probably be able to collate it but don't think they could do so without going back through the applications.

Sorry I can't be more help.

2nd Jan 2003, 10:57
thanx anyway.