View Full Version : Trevor Thom Manuals: Latest Edition?

27th Dec 2002, 18:05
Hi All,

I have decided to go ahead and purchase the trevor thom manuals (1 -7) to study for my JAR PPL.

I just want to know the latest editions of the books and if there are any new editions planned for release real soon.

I ask this, as it may be worth waiting if new editions are to be released real soon.

Also do all the books get updated at once or are they updated individually?

P.S. I will also buy the PPL confuser so what is the latest version of that?

Thanks in advance.

29th Dec 2002, 14:07
If your going to buy the whole lot you would be better getting a ppl pack with all the nav gear in it. Also if you intend going commercial speak to them about upgrading the crp1 to a crp5.


29th Dec 2002, 15:20
I suggest you contact the publishers

Their website addres is


I pulled out my old TT book 1.

It was first published in 1987
Second revised edition 1987
Reprinted 89,90
Third Ed 91
Reprinted 92, 93 (with rev), 94, 95
Fourth Ed 97
Reprinted 98,99 (with rev), and 99 again

So from the above, I can see no set revision pattern.


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