View Full Version : Has anyone even heard of Pilot assist college?

4th Jul 2001, 01:28
I am looking at using this college for my PPL/ATPL distance learning course and flight training, but am a little unsure about handing over my money untill i can establish if they are reputable, or even legitamate! The package seems good, but how can i find out more information about this or any other college? I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thankyou.

GPS Approach
4th Jul 2001, 16:09
I am going to a seminar with Pilot Assist on Saturday, E-Mail me if you want details.



Aargh, that was the taxiway we landed on!

5th Jul 2001, 02:43
Hey there!
Yup they sound like they know what they're doing.
I was going to attend the senimar but it was too far for me to travel when there was one in Manchester!

If you look in Flyer they've got a BIG advert which tells you a bit.

I sent many emails to Capt. Rick Player and he was as helpfull as you can imagine.
Go along to the senimar but act quick because you need to send in a form to let them know you're going ;)

Have fun!


If it ain't got wings, I don't wanna know

5th Jul 2001, 16:40

I shall be at there seminar also on Saturday, just want to see more of what they offer. Their online evaluation one of probably a few standard mailshots through... The main attraction point I found with these guys is the reduced rate Gapan tests, that I'd like to sit. Their next lot is on the 19th July I think, Graduation day anyway so no chance of being there... :)


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