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24th Dec 2002, 19:33
Sunderlands, Liberators, Fortresses used to engage with FW Condors in dogfights far out in the Bay of Biscay. These must have been extraordinary engagements with such large aircraft. Are there any accounts of them?


25th Dec 2002, 19:48
An impressive machine developed from a pre-war airliner. Its added weight rendered it vulnerable to breaking its back on landing.

Of acedemic interest to Condor afficianado's - my 1936 Miles Falcon - see Feb03 FlyPast out now - is recorded as having suffered a ground collision with one!

I shall follow this thread with interest - sorry to start off on a sidetrack.


Kermit 180
26th Dec 2002, 07:25
Accounts of such actions can be found in a book called Bloody Biscay by Chris Goss, Published by Crecy, ISBN 0-947554-87-4.

This book is about V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40, which was the Luftwaffe's long range maritime fighter unit. Many of their encounters were with Sunderlands, Liberators, B17's, and Mosquitos. The unit operated from 1942 until it was annihalated over Normandy in 1944, and was part of a group that used a variety of aircraft including Ju88, FW200 and He111 torpedo bombers.

The book is adorned with rare photos of Sunderlands and other Allied aircraft types under attack over the Bay of Biscay, as well as German types being hit back by the likes of RAF Mosquitos.

A good read I can recommend, I purchased this book from the RAF Museum.


26th Dec 2002, 10:20
Found it at Amazon. Thanks a lot. What a great forum.


21st Jan 2003, 21:41
Just read the book. Excellent.

Are there any published personal accounts of Coastal Command pilots, especially Sunderland pilots?