View Full Version : Santas Airborne Emergency.

Boeing Belly
24th Dec 2002, 04:18
Un- confirmed reports are saying that Santa has had to return to the North Pole. Apparently his sleigh has experienced structural damage with bits and pieces falling off. Investigations reveal that Santa has his sleigh maintenance performed by AirNZ:rolleyes:

Merry Christmas everybody........even you Kiwis.

25th Dec 2002, 22:35
haaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhh haarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh you make me laugh so hard boeing belly! you are such a comedian! get a new line buddy, your tripe is starting to wear thin...you know you should enable private messages...bit scared your inbox would overflow hey!!!???

qf had an inflight engine shutdown too the other day i see...where was your post about that...see it happens to everyone!

merry christmas to you too, and all the best for the new year;) ;)

26th Dec 2002, 12:48
Wow Boeing Belly, I didn't think I could think less of you..
Perverting a christmas message and santa joke to your own anti ANZ agenda is just sick........

26th Dec 2002, 23:47
Lighten up, I thought it was funny. :)

regards, hoss