View Full Version : Who is Lex Bloxham??

23rd Dec 2002, 20:03
At the end of the day, who really is Les Bloxham, apart from someone who causes most in the industry of roll their eyes and shake their heads when he appears in the paper or on TV. He has moved himself from aviation writer to "expert", but has shown he doesn't really know the difference between a bang and an explosion (that was the funniest bit yet). What qualifies him to be an "aviation expert" - the only thing he is capable of is changing the desktop wallpaper on his computer.....

24th Dec 2002, 02:41
I suspect the name is a psuedonym (sp?) for A. Wanka.

24th Dec 2002, 11:02
If he is the same one I know then he was and I guess still is a mental cripple. The call him expert in anything would be difficult to comprehend.

Have a nice day

24th Dec 2002, 17:04
He might be the guy that threatened to write nasty articles if first class FOC's were not provided........
Or maybe his daughter had her employment application rejected by an airline........

25th Dec 2002, 19:15
I have asked the Heralad and the Sunday Star times to publish a CV/the qualifications by which Mr Bloxham is an "aviatuion expert" but they have declined to do so. Why let the facts get in the way.

Sharfted Groundhog
27th Dec 2002, 23:41
From what I understand, the guy has never even held a licence - engineering or flight deck! How can he be an expert if he's never been at the controls of anything???????

Hasn't he written a book or something? Does that make you an expert? Sounds like he doesn't have both hands above the table very often, if you ask me......

What a dropkick! :rolleyes:

28th Dec 2002, 09:19
He's a w--ker who used to be a reporter for the Christchurch Press back in the 70s who had an interest in aviation and used that to his advantage to obtain personal advantage from the airlines of the day. Those that had been taken for a ride soon got wise and so he would move on to the next especially the new starters who thought they had a media ally. The expert tag comes with experience, and as it always does, but his experience is reporting and like most reporters they think they have all the facts for their fantastic story but as we all know they only know jack sh-t. This has already been reflected in previous threads to this post. Have a nice day!!!