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23rd Dec 2002, 05:07
Investigations delayed QantasLink aircraft departures this morning at Sydney's terminal 3.
The delays occurred when it was discovered that airport security had been breached by unknown persons.
The aircraft concerned, had their inflight magazines replaced with copies of the Virgin Blue Inflight magazine "Voyeur".
Although, the magazines could have been placed on board by mistake, concerns were held for the safety of the aircraft, especially in such security "sensitive" times.
Access to the airside areas of the airport terminal is only permitted by ASIC card holders.

23rd Dec 2002, 07:34
so in other words what your saying is that a VB staff member has snuck aboard and replaced the QF magazines with VB magazines ???

the practical jokes can stay at VB thanks

Big Hairy Potatoes
23rd Dec 2002, 08:08
Guys how sad is this.
Are you now trying to say that someone has taken the time to do this. Voyuer magazines are located at fairly easy access points at all Virgin ports, so anyone could have done it to make Virgin look bad,if it happened at all. It was probably 1 magazine at 1 seat that was transfered with a guest connecting.
All A/C at Virgin are cleaned and restocked by contractors. If these wanted to lose their contract and job it would be a great way to go about it.
Give us some hard cold facts before you start posting tripe.

23rd Dec 2002, 09:27
Big Hairy Potatoes.....
Went to check out the aircraft involved.
Sorry to say it, but the seat pockets had a "Voyeur" staring back!

23rd Dec 2002, 09:59
One of our FA's brought in half a dozen or so mags into our Crewroom this arvo,her comments match that of Jupiter 2's. Her description was that all seat pockets had a Voyeur mag in it. :eek:

The cover is 'eye-catching' and if I had the time probably a good read. As a token of Thanks and the Christmas spirit I offered her a Leso mag that been sitting in our Crewroom for the last couple of days. ;)

Merry Christmas, hoss

23rd Dec 2002, 10:53
Don't the same company do the aircraft turn arounds. Thats is Impulse and Virgin in Sydney. Could be just a simple mistake or a good joke.

23rd Dec 2002, 11:14
The FA had just come off a Qantaslink Dash 8, perhaps they were distributed on a Qantaslink 717 as well :rolleyes: .

Jupiter 2 can you clarify this.

If Virgin Blue and Airconnex use the same contractors then I may be able to understand the stuff up. However for them to appear in a Dash is suspicious and will no doubt be taken fairly seriously.

I'll admit if it was a joke, I saw the funny side and laughed for a few seconds but after that realised the seriousness of the situation.

Seasons Greetings, hoss :)

24th Dec 2002, 00:29
It's only serious if security was breached. If a legitimate mistake was made or even if the cleaners did it on purpose, then it's just inappropriate and we can all go to bed tonight knowing that an aeroplane won't crash.

Unfortunately all the new safety measures have made people jumpy, including those of us who are jumping to conclusions.

24th Dec 2002, 06:41
Impulse/Airconnex turn around and overnight cleans are done by Caterair... I don't think they do DJ as well. The baggage handling is done by QF. Again I don't think they do DJ either.

Kaptin M
27th Dec 2002, 13:44
Talk about a "storm in a teacup"............sounds as though the CONTRACTED cleaning staff stuffed up, and placed the "opposition's" in-flight reading [email protected] in the other party's seat back pocket.

So what??!! If one were a regular traveller on "QANTAS Link", it probably made the flight MORE interesting!

Personally, I DON'T base the selection of my carrier on the quality of their onboard reading material, and similarly I'm pretty certain that QANTAS and Virgin BLUE don't either.....depend upon pax, for their choice of literary approval.

If QANTAS really ARE concerned that they will lose pax because of onboard reading material, then perhaps htey DO need to lift their standard of pax publication!!

And similarly, IF Virgin BLUE have managed to produce a magazine - that simply by its mere PRESENCE - will sway untold percentages of dedicated QANTAS travellers to move across to the "opposition", the inaugurator stands to make a LARGE fortune!!