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high talker
20th Dec 2002, 08:20
Two dead in light plane crash

Two people died when their light plane crashed today on a road at Drysdale, near Geelong, south-west of Melbourne.

Police said the plane, believed to be a Cessna, crashed on Scotchmans Hill Road, Drysdale, about 4.30pm (AEDT).

A Rural Ambulance spokesman said the two people, the only occupants of the plane, were dead when ambulance officers arrived at the scene.

He said it was believed the plane had taken off nearby, but at this stage it was not known where from.

A spokesman for the Air Transport Safety Bureau said they had been informed of the crash but it was unclear at this stage what had happened or the type of plane involved.

"The bureau is looking into it," he told AAP.

Police have sealed off the area.

Thoughts go out to the families conserned.

20th Dec 2002, 23:09

the acft was a lancair that departed from PCK. Two tremendously good and accomplished pilots were killed. God bless.

thankyou for the years of knowledge gentleman. RIP

21st Dec 2002, 07:43
Truly a sad day for aviation. :( :( :(

Only knew you a short time yet you taught me so much.

The aviation community will mourn for a long time with the passing of such experience, knowledge and support.

It was only 2 weeks ago that Rob stamped my log book with my instructor rating. I feel proud that I had the opportunity to fly with one of Australia's great aviators.

My condolences go to the families and the Crest flying school in this very difficult time.

RIP Rob!


21st Dec 2002, 10:30
I am still finding it very hard to believe. I have never, ever, ever met a more pleasant man in aviation circles. Especially one with such experience and stature. Always got something pleasant to say. Always completely honest, but never discouraging. I keep thinking that he's going to walk in the door to do another Tigermoth joy flight. God I'm going to miss him.

Rob......I don't even know what else to say.......thanks for everything and God bless you.

To his wife and children. Know this. He lived and touched many lives with his outstanding personality. He NEVER failed to make me laugh. He is larger than life to me, kind of like a movie star, but REAL. Sounds silly but true.

R.I.P. From all of us at the Point Cook Flying Club.:)

21st Dec 2002, 18:16
I think it would be a fair comment to say that there are very few in this industry that are both admired and respected by nearly everyone they come in contact with: Rob Partington was one of those rare individuals.
Goodbye dear friend - you will be sorely missed.


22nd Dec 2002, 02:48
Not just the Melbourne aviation arena but the industry nation wide will mourn the loss of such an experienced and highly regarded aviator. I had my IFR test booked with Rob tomorrow being Monday 23rd and was so looking to gaining some more of what Rob had to offer.

Rob the amount of knowledge that you so enthusiastically conveyed to everyone will be sorely missed. Crest Flying School wont be the same without your kind words joyful nature. My thoughts go out to the family in sad time.

RIP Rob.


22nd Dec 2002, 09:44
Well Said Ang737.


Pitch and Break
22nd Dec 2002, 20:10
Did a goodly portion of my DC3 endorsement with Rob a few years back; remember the experience as perhaps my most enjoyable flying training ever. The man was a gentleman and a true professional.
Condolences to both families involved in this tragic event.

23rd Dec 2002, 18:46
Folks, there is a parallel thread running in D+G General Aviation.