View Full Version : Price gouging without competition

22nd Dec 2002, 22:07
Part of an article in today's HeraldSun indicating VB may start services to Proserpine

Cr Demartini said it was not unusual for Proserpine residents to drive 120km to Mackay to fly with either Qantas or Virgin Blue because airfares were significantly cheaper.
A random check of airfares yesterday revealed a return trip leaving on February 1 and returning on February 8 between Brisbane and Mackay could be bought for as low as $198 on Virgin and $265.19 on Qantas.
Yet just 120km away, Proserpine residents would have to pay $475.80 for a return Qantas flight to Brisbane on the same dates.

23rd Dec 2002, 20:16
for years it was the same thing with Maroochy vs Brisbane, to anywhere add another $90 min.

23rd Dec 2002, 22:04
If Virgin does go into Proserpine, will Qantas do what they did in Mt Isa and flood the route with cheap seats to drive them out? Wish I was the Holden dealer in Proserpine.

Boeing Belly
23rd Dec 2002, 22:33
You don't think the $5 and $1 fares Virgin had hurt Ansett and Qantas? You want competition?...You got it!!!