View Full Version : CPL here or abroad?

Dean Johnston
22nd Dec 2002, 08:31
Ive completed Mod1 ground school and Im working my way through Mod2. The question is, should I do my CPL flying here or US/SA. As I only want to instruct at this stage I not looking at doing IR. does anyone know of any schools outside of UK that wont rip me off. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Pleese excuse the spilling.

23rd Dec 2002, 08:52

I suggest you start by doing some research - the CAA's website contains a list of all approved schools, and what each one is approved for. I think you'll find there is nowhere in SA to do a CPL any more - the only one there was has now lost its approval.

As to what you should do - well, that depends what you want. Would it screw up your plans if you had some weather cancellations? Could you handle being away from your family for a month or two? Is saving a few quid more important than anything else? You have to give us some clues here! If there was only one answer that worked for everyone, there'd only be one school! :)


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