View Full Version : Berlin Candy Bomber Flys KittyHawk

Jim Reed
21st Dec 2002, 21:39
The famous Berlin Candy Bomber COL. Gail Halverson of the Berlin Airlift over 50 yrs ago is back this time & onboard the type C-54 Skymaster aircraft similar to the one he flew over BERLIN Germany. He did the "Candy Drop over KittyHawk NC on 17th of DEC this week onboard the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's beautiful C-54 Skymaster named the "SPIRIT OF FREEDOM" He still flys the Foundation's C-54 on special ocassions & events when he visits the East coast. It was a great pleasure to fly with him again on our aircraft & be part of this special flight crew on this event! On the flyover onboard also where 2 more veterans of the Berlin Airlift who helped out with the Candy Parachute Drop. This event closes the flying for the C-54 2002 season & now the C-54 will get some inspection & winter maintenance done & be parked in the hangar next to the C-97G STRAT. See both classic proptransports at our site & info at www.spiritoffreedom.org