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Skyland News
21st Dec 2002, 21:24
What happened to the thread about MBA (aka Airlines of Papua New Guinea) being placed into the hands of liquidators?

Johhny Utah
21st Dec 2002, 23:11
I believe that the threat of legal action from the management of APNG led to the thread being removed... :confused:

Fingers crossed that what was reported isn't the case, as I'd hate to see a great bunch of blokes find themselves out of work in the current environment... :(

I feel privileged to have been able to fly with & learn from great guys like RF, GF & NB. I only hope that the New Year period & 2003 holds better prospects for them than rumours posted here would suggest.

Simon Wild
21st Dec 2002, 23:11
The earlier thread was removed at my request as there was no basis to support the allegations which were both malicious and vexatious as well as being libelous and defamatory.

My company is not under any financial difficulties and is in fact an extremely healthy business with a balance sheet healthier than most Australian aviation groups.

I will request this thread be also closed as it will only continue to cause my company further damage.

Simon Wild
Managing Director
Airlines PNG

21st Dec 2002, 23:28
There's your answer SN.