View Full Version : JETLINK CRJ200 F/O program

21st Dec 2002, 10:56

I found their add in FI last week,

does anybody here has something to tell about this company
who proposes CRJ F/O program?????

all infos are welcome :)

Thanks ,


21st Dec 2002, 13:35
This is the worst so far. Cost you 41,000 Euroes, then you work for free for 500 hours for some Slovak outfit. If this is not taking the proverbial Michael, I don't know what does.

If this is what's required to get a job I'm after a new career.



Mister Geezer
23rd Dec 2002, 00:07
At least the beer would be cheap!!! :)

23rd Dec 2002, 01:55
Aye, and you can do their full fATPL course plus the JetLink thing for the same cost of just an fATPL with a British training outfit. So, if you think of it as free, it's a good deal :D

25th Dec 2002, 16:04
BTW.. it's Slovenia, not Slovakia... and as far as I know.. the only CRJs in Slovenia are owned by Adria Airways (their national carrier)...

So, other than location -- it's an old scheme... just search for pay-for-training.. and you'll find out what others think about it.. :)

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