View Full Version : Stratosphere Pioneers

Windy Militant
20th Dec 2002, 13:18
Ever since I read about the first "Space race" in the good old 'Look and Learn' I've been trying to find out more about the early days of stratospheric exploration. Over the years I've found a few bits and pieces but, these are mostly just footnotes in books which then go on to the rocket age. Can anyone out there recommend any books about the flights by Piccard or the American and Russian flights of the thirties. Also Wiley Post who was, I believe the first to use the Jet streams in his round the world flight.

22nd Dec 2002, 01:52
Bill Bridgeman (Douglas test pilot, D558-2) wrote an interesting book about early supersonic flight in southern California during the fiftys...the title is, The Lonely Sky.
Interesting read.