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high talker
20th Dec 2002, 07:13
Was wondering who the best carrier is from a pilots perspective. Interested to hear what people have to say who is the best they have worked for, if they have worked for a number of carriers, or can only praise the only company they have worked for.

Flight Detent
20th Dec 2002, 09:57
Hi all,
I'm an ex military flyer, who switched to flying with the civil airlines in 1987.
The first airline I joined was Australian Airlines, and I still consider it was the best one by far, they (airlines generally), just seem to be going 'downhill' these days.
No respect for anyone, many people not compitent at what they're doing, or just don't care, and the operation just seems to be lurching from problem to problem as time goes on.
My current airline seems to be totally lacking in any form of professionalism at all, not the way I was brought up, but I can't leave, though I would love to, there are just not enough options out there!
Like last night, got back to home.............well, no one really cares what happened to us, but we do, and we remember!

Yes, Australian was by far the best I have worked for!
(pity they disposed of the best airplane they had, the B727-200)

frank Borman
20th Dec 2002, 23:00
I agree Flight Detent, I reckon it starts alot from the top of the company though. Talk to any of the rank and file in any airline and the nunber one greif is managment. Look at the EBA hassles Eastern and the likes have had.

I'm gone!
21st Dec 2002, 08:35
G A M. Sharpest outfit I have worked for, including two east coast regionals!

Merry Xmas all.:D