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20th Dec 2002, 01:21
It's that time of the year again.

Whatever your beliefs, the coming season is one of tolerance, good will, celebration, rejoicing, sharing with family and friends, spiritual renewal and clearing the decks of the last years debris, angst (much has occured) and accrued bad habits.:)

It is also likely to be a very risky period, as those purveyors of hate and envy, who have already declared war against our civilisation, could find this time of our celebration of humanity, love and spritual renewal an irresistable target.

In our industry this is also the busiest time of the year, but we will all just get on with it, in our usual calm professional manner.

Our thoughts must also be with the young men and women of our security and defense forces who may have to spend their season in a state of heightened readiness or at the worst, action. No one really knows what will come, how or from where.

We live in a time of great uncertainty, but there is always hope and a binding of together against a common foe.

So now is a really good time to hold hard and maintain even closer bonds with our fellow professionals, friends and families, think even harder about the meaning and significance of this time of the year and renew our faith in our basic good will and the love towards all mankind which holds our civilisation together.

The only way we know how to say it, others will have different ways, but will know what we mean, is;

A Very Merry and Happy Christmas Season to you all and may next year be one of continued happiness and progression towards whatever your personal goal in life may be.
May your New Years resolution contain a promise to commit at least one random act of kindness, every day. :) :cool:

Team Woomera

20th Dec 2002, 01:42
To The Woomeras

Thank you for your tolerance and understanding in moderating these forums. You folks do a great job.

May all of you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Be safe and have a great 2003.


20th Dec 2002, 02:08
Seasonal Greetings : Expressed with help from our lawyer and a few committees of do gooders

From us ("the wishor") to you ("hereinafter called the wishee") Please accept without obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, politically correct, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the coming solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all... and a financially successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2003, but with due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures or sects, and having regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform or dietary preference of the wishee.

By accepting this greeting you are bound by these terms that-

* This greeting is subject to further clarification or withdrawal

* This greeting is freely transferable provided that no alteration shall be made to the original greeting and that the proprietary rights of the wishor are acknowledged.

* This greeting implies no promise by the wishor to actually implement any of the wishes.

* This greeting may not be enforceable in certain jurisdictions and/or the restrictions herein may not be binding upon certain wishees in certain jurisdictions and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wishor.

* This greeting is warranted to perform as reasonably may be expected within the usual application of good tidings, for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first.

* The wishor warrants this greeting only for the limited replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wishor

* Any references in this greeting to "the Lord", "Father Christmas", "Our Saviour", or any other festive figures, whether actual or fictitious, dead or alive, shall not imply any endorsement by or from them in respect of this greeting, and all proprietary rights in any referenced third party names and images are hereby acknowledged.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

20th Dec 2002, 02:57

Just love it, we should have asked you to do it for us in the first place.:D

High Altitude
20th Dec 2002, 03:43
Woomera, the crew and all that browse these pages.

Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year to you all.

It has been a rather interesting year with alot of interesting threads, most the time it is enjoyable, yes even when I am being attacked... and well when I am attacking too...

Once again Merry Christmas, I wonder what Santa will bring GA for Christmas?


High Altitude...

Sperm Bank
20th Dec 2002, 03:59
WOOMERA. Merry Xmas and Happy new Year. Pls keep up the great work as thankless and frustrating as it is.

TAS. That was very very good!

20th Dec 2002, 04:17

Best wishes for the festive season to you and all other hardworking moderators in PPRuNe land. :)

And to all you lot out there involved with aviation in whatever fashion that have made this site one of my most visited this year. It has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to a lot more. :p

Take care and may the number of landings still equal the number of take-offs at the end of the day. :D

Pinky the pilot
20th Dec 2002, 04:38
I concur with all others and also wish everyone the compliments of the season.
Capt Veg; I intend to open a 1996 Wolf Blass Black Label on Chrissy day. Suspect it will be a good one too!
Woomera; Na illegitimus non carborundum, mate!
Keep on moderating. Seems that about half are for ya and about half are agin ya, so I reckon you must be getting it about right. Tasfast; Good one! You had any legal training???? Or is your main job writing guarantees for manufacturers?:D

Buster Hyman
20th Dec 2002, 07:31
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all.

:D :D :D

20th Dec 2002, 13:58
Do some work Buster! Merry all that Woomera.

Kaptin M
21st Dec 2002, 00:40


May your stockings be filled!! :D

It`s been another year of fun, fun, fun, here in PPRuNe Wonderland.

Thanks especially to Danny, PPT, Woomera(s) and all who make this means of sharing & inter-action available to us plebs.

Sheep Guts
21st Dec 2002, 04:26

Merry Christmas to everyone, and especially Woomera, and the PPRUNE GANG!!!!

Three Parties in a row and its time to hit the hay.......:p :D ;) ;)


P.S. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SIGNATURES, my computers not showing them on anyone?

21st Dec 2002, 05:58
In concurrence with the above expressed sentiments, I wish all PPRUNErs - those who participate in and those who make possible by moderation and administration - the very best for this season of celebration and reflection.



Buster Hyman
21st Dec 2002, 11:48
I see you are soooo busy, you can't type your full nickname anymore!!!

Must be tough being a moderator! :D :D :p

22nd Dec 2002, 00:00
Ditto all the above........... ;) :D :D :D

22nd Dec 2002, 05:42
W(s). From me (us) http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/winky.gif to you(se) http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/colflash.gif http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/colours.gif, We hope you W's have a fantastic Chrissie and a good New Years'..... :D

Thanks for your work through-out the year.

HA, Didn't you just email out what you were getting, or at least what you were getting it in...... :eek: (all in the best possible taste, mind-you!). Bigger and better in the new year..... ;)

Airsupport...... you've been quiet...... ;) Have a good one.

22nd Dec 2002, 07:30
...yea well, ...I think Ops normal might more likely be Ops abnormal at the moment!...but what the heck, why not, after all it is Christmas. :p

22nd Dec 2002, 07:45
I will admit to being 60%+ through a bottle of '93 Penfolds Bin 407 at the moment, so it's a Merry Xmas to you too amos! :D

(W, and a couple of others know what I meant back there....) ;)

22nd Dec 2002, 09:46
Are 'operations normal' for 429CJ?

Haven't heard from him for a while........ all the best if you're out there Dave:)


23rd Dec 2002, 10:24
You too OpsNormal....... :D :D :D

I've been accused of worse things. ;) :rolleyes:

24th Dec 2002, 04:38
I wish everyone on this board a very merry Christmas and a safe, happy and profitable new year! Whether I've agreed with you in the past or not. :D A special wish - and an even more special thank you to Team Woomera (one of whom I've enjoyed a few drinks and a healthy debate with :p ) and, of course, to Danny and Rob, for their continual efforts to improve this site for all of us! :)

I look forward to the day when we can all welcome Danny and Rob to this part of the world in person... maybe the next Ozbash? :D