9th Oct 2001, 21:26
I was considering undertaking some form of course that would allow me to obtain the CAA Commercial Pilots Licence.(I think its now called a JAR). If I tell you my situation and my aim I was wondering whether you could give me some advise and direction, especially as I have not been associated with aircraft for some 17-18 years.

I am currently employed full time but have a small hankering to obtain the CAA Commercial Licence especially as I have managed to save a small amount of money 25 - 30k over a number of years. I believe the commercial licence is now out of fashion and there are new modular ways of obtaining flying licences.

I am 44 years old and obtained a CAA Private Pilots Licence together with a AFI (Assistant Flying Instructor Rating) some 17 years ago. I also obtained a FAA CPL/IR/ME rating together with a CFI (Certified Flying Instructor licence) at the same time. Unfortunately, the money angle ran out in my youth and its only now that I have managed to save enough to continue. All these licences were obtained in the minimum flight times.

The question being, can I get to do a course to obtain the Licence or equivalent within my financial constraints in the UK, whilst still working at my full time job. I would be happy to do a full time course if there was something at the end but I can imagine nothing has improved in this respect and it is still difficult even after 17 years.

I currently work in the South West area and feel this could be an interesting challenge. Unfortunately, I'm also thinking of my age and what happens at the end. Although employment would be idea the age factor may come into play and although I can see this as an achievable goal I would not like to think this as being good money thrown away.

I would also consider courses as advertised in Magazines for JAR Commercials in the States or Elsewhere but that would depend on plenty of free time becoming available, which would entail me giving up work. I have a small handfull of FAA licences but wished to have the equivalent in CAA terms. With the licence system completely changed from when I started can you advise what I need to do or am I just mad.

Midland Maniac
10th Oct 2001, 02:32
To get your JAR CPL, you need to first of all sit the CPL ground exams....these are similar to the current ATPL exams but apparantly not as difficult (I did the ATPL's so I can not confirm that this is true!!). I do believe that you can do a corespondance course for these papers, so you can keep your job!!!!

For the flying training (ab-initio) you have to do 25 hours dual instruction to obtain a Form170a. This is to prove that you are up to standards before test. This is done by the FTO that you choose!

I am unsure how much you will have to do as you already have a few flying hours....suggest that you phone the CAA-FCL.

Hope that is some help to you.


10th Oct 2001, 02:52
As MM said, U need to sit the CPL (or ATPL) exams before taking the test. This is likely to B the most difficult bit for U, considering U haven't been a "student" for some time.

Your FAA CPL (even if not current) can still get U some training exemptions for the JAR CPL, but your IR is unfortunately "useless" (since February 2001). For the flying part, expect to spend around 4k for the CPL, & 10k for the MEIR. Shop around for the prices, don't pay more than that.

U can indeed take correspondance courses for the ground examinations, but I would not advise a "part time" course for the CPL &/or the IR, as it'll take U forever to achieve the standards. Each of these 2 courses takes 3 to 4 weeks full time (depending on the weather), so it can B done during your holidays.

As for the age issue, I suggest U read this thread (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=2&t=009976), which might give U some ideas.


Send Clowns
12th Oct 2001, 01:15
I am currently working for the nation's finest provider of modular training, ATPL and soon CPL :D . In fact I taught Midland Maniac all he knows about Nav. I also recently completed the JAA ATPL course, so know a little about this subject. You are welcome to email me (address in my profile) with any questions I might be able to answer.

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