View Full Version : famous grouse rally film ?

17th Dec 2002, 21:48
Many years ago I saw a film on TV by a lady (flew a RF4 I think) about the Famous Grouse Tiger Moth rally. If memory serves it was quite good. Anyone got a copy please.

18th Dec 2002, 09:07
Sorry don't have a copy, but if it helps any I think it was 1979, shown on the Beeb and the lady in question might have been Joy Frazer who managed the Unipart RF-4 duo (Messrs O'Brien and Taylor).

Was a good film!

18th Dec 2002, 09:55
Try an e-mail to the DH Moth Club's founder/secretary Stuart McKay: [email protected]. I know that copies of the video aren't available from the club, but Stuart's a helpful chap and will point you in the right direction if he knows where one might be found.

The Inspector
22nd Dec 2002, 20:19
I think the lady may have been Pat Holmes, who flew an RF4D G-AVWZ from Shoreham. I think she was also a journalist and/or worked for the BBC. The Rally was in 1979, so a call to the TV stations would probably give some info.