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Who has control?
17th Dec 2002, 07:30
I don't know if the BBC have an ironic sense of humour to put 'Chicken Run' on directly after Xmas dinner, but C5 have declared Xmas day to be Aviation Day!

In the afternoon they are screening a documentary about douglas Bader and at 9:00 they are showing 'The First of the Few' This is a 1940 b/w 'biopic' about R.J. Mitchell staring David Niven as J.Quill and Leslie 'I-can't-remember-his-surname-but-he-was-in-Gone-with-the-wind' as Mitchell. It uses comtemporary footage of Schneider Trophy seaplanes and loads of Spitfires.

Its a choice between that or 'Jaws'!

Xmas is alive and well, as both 'The Alamo' and 'The Great escape' are on. :) :) :)

17th Dec 2002, 07:55
Leslie Howard...

Curses... I can't get C5!!!!

17th Dec 2002, 23:28
Go Digital
I had to replace my TV and the best deal I could find included the digital box.
My local transmitter is hidden behind a hill so I Rx from a distant one. Analogue pictures weren`t too bad but C5 was awful. Digital is good on all channels.

Mike W