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17th Dec 2002, 05:41
At about 2330 last night a GPU exploded and burst into flames. It was quickly pulled off the aircraft it was attatched to before the grand finale. Livened up a boring night shift.

17th Dec 2002, 16:05
Sorry but as the festive season approaches I can't resist this but was it connected to the hot battery bus?

aw ditor
18th Dec 2002, 21:37
Surely this Topic is a contradiction-in-terms?

19th Dec 2002, 22:17
was the GPU attached to a GO 737 by any chance?

I flew in from PRG to EMA on monday evening and the APU was knackered!

20th Dec 2002, 00:57
Watched this happen years ago at OAK. The Hobart GPU was connected to a DC6 and the Captain tried (for reasons unknown) to turn over all four engines at the same time.
The Hobart jumped about three feet into the air, turned turtle and burned.

The Chief Pilot was not amused....and neither was the DirMaintenance.

Learned much later that the Captains previous paycheck bounced higher than a kite.

almost professional
20th Dec 2002, 08:36
was attached to an Aurigny SH36, on a postal flight-crew made a very quick exit apparently!

20th Dec 2002, 11:18

I fly the DC6 and it is not possible to attempt to start more than one engine at a time. The start system works through a rotary engine selector switch.
Not that this matters, or is even remotely connected to this thread, but I felt it was worth letting you know so that in future we may one day benefit from a contribution that is based on facts and knowledge!

23rd Dec 2002, 13:20
SBA writes "I fly the DC6 ...."

This is way off thread I'm afraid but I could not help asking this one. I would guess that you are with Air Atlantique, and I am wondering whether the DC6 still flies in to LHR? I live nearby and used to enjoy the delightful sound of those turbo-compound radials going over in the evenings, but I do not recall having heard them recently.

23rd Dec 2002, 14:49
Marvellous aircraft.

The DC6 doesnt come into LHR anymore, it only works ADHOC charters and seldom flies into LHR.

Overhead LHR yes, you are likely to hear that distinctive drone some nights around 2330z as it heads to/from its various cargo activities or positioning to/from CVT.

I bet there are not that many aircraft which can make an GPU jump so high, spin onto its back and burn up!!!!

Those chilling piston sounds at 3am over Derby are enough....:p

23rd Dec 2002, 17:12
Tech correction- DC-6`s have P& W(Dependable Engines) R-2800 radials; DC-7`s had Wright R-3350`s which are Turbo-Compound radials.:p