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16th Dec 2002, 21:43
Our radio news this morning has headlined an engine fire on QF107 ex LAX. I assume it was nothing serious and just an incident blown up by the media. Anyone know anymore?

Speaking of media Nine MSN refers to the aircraft as a B747 100 series. Me thinks not a 100 series lol.

17th Dec 2002, 02:09
not relevant to the thread W

Transition Layer
17th Dec 2002, 02:46
Also interesting to see that Nine MSN gave the captain's name and interviewed him - of special significance given that it was his last flight. Poor sod copping an engine failure on his last one!

17th Dec 2002, 03:43
Sky news( I think ) reported this morning the engine was shut down due to greater than normal vibration. But more importantly on board the aircraft was Lauchlan Murdoch, dear wife and Jon Bonjovi.

Fris B. Fairing
17th Dec 2002, 06:38
The media are also reporting that this was the Captain's first shut down in a 35 year flying career. Interesting statistic to ponder on this the 99th anniversary of powered flight.

17th Dec 2002, 06:54

Qantas jet in mid-air engine failure

A QANTAS 747-400 jumbo jet carrying 191 passengers was forced to return to Los Angeles International airport yesterday after it suffered engine failure soon after take-off.

QF107, bound for New York's JFK Airport, experienced engine trouble about a quarter of the way into its ascent. The captain shut down the number one port side engine after an apparent turbine failure.

A loud cracking noise, or bang, was heard and some passengers reported seeing a sheet of flame coming from the stricken Rolls-Royce engine.

The plane had landed at LAX from Sydney two hours earlier after making a 13 hour flight across the Pacific without incident.

Several VIPs were aboard the aircraft, including News Limited chairman Lachlan Murdoch and his wife, supermodel Sarah O'Hare, as well as former Ansett chairman and News Corporation board member Ken Cowley.

Mr Murdoch and Mr Cowley were travelling to New York to attend a News Corporation board meeting today.

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi, the headline act at the recent national Rumba festival, was also on board the plane which was stranded on the tarmac for more than two hours as cargo, baggage and catering supplies were offloaded on to a replacement Qantas jet.

Captain Paul Holland, on his last flight to New York before retiring next week after 35 years as a pilot with the national carrier, said it was the first time in his flying career he had been forced to shut down an engine.

"It is ironic it should happen on my last flight, but we train for this," Captain Holland said.

He said Qantas pilots trained for just such an event during flight simulated drills every three months.

Fire rescue crews were waiting beside the runway but the plane landed without incident before a police motorcade escorted the jet to a remote section of the airport.

The flight, in a replacement 747-400, eventually took off 3 hours later than scheduled with Captain Holland once again at the controls.

Captain Holland said the cause of the engine failure was unknown and was still being investigated.

Initially, the flight crew suspected the incident was the result of wake turbulence from another aircraft.

17th Dec 2002, 11:27
Did my line flying as a PUIT with Paul Holland. What a top bloke and one of natures gentlemen. Shame he hasn't considered bidding back to the 767 to keep going. Good to see that he took the next aeroplane as well!

Ozzy Osbourne
17th Dec 2002, 15:09
Couldn't agree more Keg, what a great bloke and aviator. He'll be very much missed when he retires.

17th Dec 2002, 16:34
Must have been pretty friggin tight if they took off 3 1/2 hours later with the same crew!

17th Dec 2002, 20:10
I see no problem. 3 1/2 hour flight time and an 11 hour duty day. Would not have been tight at all.

Ditto the remarks on Paul Holland. At least his daughter is there to continue the family tradition.

18th Dec 2002, 00:48
And that is where the evolution of the certification rules, simulator training and quality safety management have brought us to.

Engine failure, routinely, quietly and professionally handled, change aircraft and let's get on with just another day.:cool:

And now I'm going to get myself into trouble.:rolleyes:
I'm sure Capt Holland would rather not have had to "deal with it" but to have spent 35 years training for the unlikely event and not having had to "deal with it " would have seemed, to me anyway, a bit perverse.:D

Well done and I hope he has a happy and fruitful retirement.

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18th Dec 2002, 02:10
The_Cutest_of_Borg, not sure about your reply.

I don't know what QF's limitations are, but I would have thought a 1 hour pre flight sign-on, + 3 1/2 hr delay, + 14 1/2 hour flight time, would have tipped the scales. I know the mob I work for can't do it. Is there something I am missing?

18th Dec 2002, 02:54
14 1/2 hrs flight time lax-jfk is a bit excessive dont u think jtr??

18th Dec 2002, 03:44
jtr is just trying to have a go.Some just can't help themselves!!!;)

18th Dec 2002, 09:36
jtr, In case the others didn't tip you off, you did miss something. Flight time LAX- New York is about 11 hours less than 14 1/2 hours.! :eek: ;) :p

Pimp Daddy
18th Dec 2002, 11:29
Unless you have 11 hours holding Keg......

18th Dec 2002, 11:37
Try something constructive next time OK W

18th Dec 2002, 12:19
What a sad way to end a career. LAX to New York then position back to Aus. Surely crewing could have had his last leg ending at home base. I hope my last leg gets me home when the time comes, preferably without the bang.

18th Dec 2002, 12:26
I could think of worst places to finish off.

New York, New York is a helluva town and right in the middle of the busiest airspace in the world.
Perhaps even parking next to Concorde and certainly with tails from all around the world.
I would think of it more as a bang than a whimper. :D

Back Seat Driver
18th Dec 2002, 20:58
Good luck to you in retirement Paul. I can't think of another person I've enjoyed working with, more.:)

18th Dec 2002, 21:16
Tevoro, I think it is better said that he is on his last 'trip' as opposed to his last 'flight'. His roster shows him operating back from JFK to LAX and the he finally operates into Sydney on Sunday 22 Dec on the QF 108 arriving at 0920 local.

Enjoy retirement Paul. You'll be missed.

18th Dec 2002, 23:19
Thanks all, didn't read the fine print in W's post, and I haven't yet memorised all of the QF flt #/APT combo's.

19th Dec 2002, 07:26
Thanks KEG. Restores my faith a little.

Near Miss
22nd Dec 2002, 05:14
Just wondering if this will have any effect on ETOPS? Ratio of shut downs : hours flown and all that?

Peter D Thomson
22nd Dec 2002, 07:00
Second and third stage bearings siezed up,the flames were the engine surging........