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16th Dec 2002, 20:36
Hi All,

I'm moving to (most likely) Santa Monica and was wondering which schools at Santa Monica Airport

a) Are good, solid flight schools
b) Don't charge you an arm and a leg
c) Do CDN->US conversions ( CPL, MIFR )

Anyone here on this board done the CDN -> US conversion? What's it like?



17th Dec 2002, 10:29
I don't know about the schools at Santa Monica, but the ATC there are the most rude and unhelpful I have ever come accross. I had heard they were bad before I went there, so was prepared for worst. When trying to get an IFR clearance there, the first sign of hesitation was jumped on, which is even more humiliating as it is broadcast in the canteen, which was full at the time.

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17th Dec 2002, 17:39
Ouch.. Thanks for the info.. :eek:

20th Dec 2002, 19:18
I did my PPL in Santa Monica and have quite a bit of experience in the LA area. Never had any problem with their ATC, seemed perfectly helpful in fact.

Word of advice though, Santa Monica is VERY expensive, and it would be cheaper to fly out of Long Beach. It's not that far to drive, and is loads more interesting. Five runways, B717 and C17 production, UPS base, regional airline traffic etc. If you're looking for somewhere quieter then Santa Monica is definitely not the answer either. Someone told me it's the busiest single-runway GA airport in the US.

Anyway, loads of great places to fly to out there.


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