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16th Dec 2002, 06:30
The latest crumbs thrown to the chooks;


CASA reaches new service highs

Major improvements in the delivery of services to the aviation industry by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority have been officially recognised.

CASA’s service delivery has been granted quality management certification as well as being honoured in top public service excellence awards.

The recognition for improvements in service delivery to the aviation industry flows from the continuing successful operation of the CASA Service Centre.

The Service Centre manages the provision of regulatory services to all general aviation operators and maintenance organisations.

The service delivery branch has been awarded quality management certification to the ISO9001:2000 standard. This standard sets quality benchmarks in areas such as customer focus, systems approach to management and continual improvement.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mick Toller, says quality certification is an important step for CASA.

“ This officially recgonises CASA’s strong commitment to the delivery of services to a high set of standards,” Mr Toller says.

“ It shows CASA is making a big effort to provide quality services in a realistic time frame.

“ While as a safety regulator we can’t always give people everything they want, we will deal with people with the highest professionalism.

“ Quality certification means we will not still but will strive for better ways of doing business.”

CASA’s Service Centre was also recently awarded a special commendation in the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management.

The award recognised the successful implementation and use of new technology, as well as more advanced work practices, in the provision of regulatory services. In accepting the award, CASA stated the improvements of the last 18 months were only a start.

“ CASA’s aim is to keep finding new ways to help the aviation industry meet its safety obligations to the travelling public.

“ We want to make safety regulation effective while minimising the burden of compliance.”

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Does that mean that CASA will listen to the industry and streamline the addition of an additional aircraft type to an AOC as Mr Toller said he would do while answering questions at RQAC during visiting there with Ted Anson?

17th Dec 2002, 07:54

now that I have used up enough bandwidth to get the message across, I say again;