View Full Version : Oi Woomera - check ya box!!

Kaptin M
15th Dec 2002, 10:53
This user's mailbox is currently full, and cannot be sent any messages until it is cleaned out. An email has been sent notifying the user of this. Please try your request at a later time.

And my message was - "Aha, you mean the D&G "Reporting Points", wrt the "Important Notice" ("Zero Tolerance") in the D&G Aircrew Notices section.
I spent inconsiderable time searching the titles and contributors on "Reporting Points" for "Zero Tolerance", before returning to the D&G forums.

SOME of us live in the "bigger picture" world. :)

15th Dec 2002, 11:37
Sorry guys I seem to be having a bit of trouble with my Woomera mail as it shows full to you guys when it is in fact empty.

I'll take it up with admin.

Yes just for those who live in the wider world and are easily confused, I'll modify the D & G Aircrew Notices message.:D

Capt Claret
15th Dec 2002, 12:42
Dear Mr Woomera,

At the risk of teaching the fine art of sucking eggs, I have fallen foul of the empty inbox but mail bouncing due to the load limit being reached.

The answer?

Mail sitting in the trash or deleted folder counts towards the x Mb limit and thus prevents any further emails being received! :eek: Don't remember reading about that in the fine print though!

15th Dec 2002, 14:16
Capt Claret

My thanks to you indeed.

I checked the show messages "from the beginning" and lo and behold a great multitude appeared............:rolleyes:

'Tis now clear and ready to receive the torrent. :D

There are always new and more exciting ways to suck eggs.:cool: