View Full Version : C-123 Providers

15th Dec 2002, 00:33
I was just wondering how many C-123 Providers there are in the world today, and if they are all just warbirds. If not, then who uses them, and how much for one?(not that I'm thinking of buying, of course!)

15th Dec 2002, 02:46
Quite a few survive, but only a handful flying and none 'earning' their keep.

Cornish Jack
17th Dec 2002, 10:42
They were one of the 'standard' types used by Air America in Laos during the early sixties. The layout made for a simple air drop platform and they could survive operating off PSP and laterite strips. I think it was the first narrow track undercarriage aircraft I had come across and they looked odd. Pretty obvious where Fat Albert got it's looks from! :)