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13th Dec 2002, 14:36
Graham Hill, the famous motor racing driver died Nov. 29th 1975 trying to land at Elstree in Pa-23 Aztec registered N6645Y.
The accident is well documented. But I seem to remember the same evening a German registered light aircraft crashed trying to land at Birmingham at about the same time.
Can anybody enlighten me with more details ?

Mr G.

vintage ATCO
13th Dec 2002, 16:14
Certainly true although I can't remember the details. I was on duty that evening at Luton when they started to look for N6645Y. Only found out about the Brum accident when I got home and saw the news. I believe it was a twin but more than that I can't remember.

13th Dec 2002, 18:44
If my memory is correct, it was a Beech Baron that crashed at BHX that night - G-AZUJ. I think it was owned by a local businessman E.F.Alchin (?) who was killed, along with a female passenger when attempting to land on Runway 24 in what I remember as being a terribly foggy night. I've no idea what the met/actuals were that night, but I do remember it looked awful from 'on the deck'.
I've never seen the accident report, but remember that the a/c came to rest amongst the debris of a tree that it had struck (after, rather than before it had hit the ground - I think?) close to the (then) airfield / golf course boundry.

vintage ATCO
14th Dec 2002, 09:05
I remember that evening, many airfields in the UK went out in fog very quickly. I think this was the same day, earlier on, when a twin going into Elstree became disorientated in shallow fog and hit the ground hard and bounced into the air again. It diverted to Luton whilst we had the emergency services standing by.

The tragedy of Graham Hill was that at the time of the accident Luton was clear but went out in fog later. Still, no use going over old ground.

15th Dec 2002, 13:38

As fog closed in that night over the south of England, a Pa 24 Comanche made three attempts to land at Elstree before diverting to Luton ?

Do you think this could be the same aircraft ?

Going back to my original post, I am still not convinced about the German aircraft. It requested an Airways joining clearance at BRAINTREE (BRA) on Red One on FRQ. 129.6 I think it went to EGBB and crashed. There was a lot going on that night so I could be wrong. I am stirring the grey matter !

Thanks all

Mr G.

wet wet wet
15th Dec 2002, 18:12
The aircraft that came to grief at BHX was Baron G-AZUJ owned by Eric Allchin. The right hand seat was occupied by Arthur Penzer who was the CFI at the Warwickshire Aero Club. There were two other passengers, sadly all four perished.

vintage ATCO
15th Dec 2002, 21:31
Mr G

It wasn't a Comanche that I'm thinking of but it may not have been the same day.

Others seem to have remembered the BHX aircraft.