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13th Dec 2002, 10:40
Not sure if this has been posted already, but from the BBC(12/12):

"A row over security at Stansted Airport has broken out after it was alleged an aircraft was flagged down "like a London taxi" as it moved towards the runway for takeoff. The GMB union says a Ryanair plane was stopped by one of the airline's employees, breaching safety and security rules. Ryanair has confirmed the incident took place, but says safety was not compromised.

A GMB spokesman said the plane, with approximately 100 passengers on board, was flagged down as it taxied towards the runway. Ryanair denies the plane was taxiing but admits it had moved off its stand. In a statement the airline said one of its co-pilots had asked to travel home to Esbjerg as a supernumerary crew member.

The airline's statement confirmed that the co-pilot, who had a fully authorised air-side access pass and was wearing full reflective clothing, did board the plane.

"He boarded after the aircraft had pushed back early from the stand, and before the engines had been started up.

"While it was unorthodox and the co-pilot was disciplined, there was no breach of safety procedures and no delay to the aircraft.

"The flight continued onwards on its journey and arrived 22 minutes ahead of schedule in Esbjerg."

13th Dec 2002, 10:55
Bet they wouldnt of done that for a late running genuine passenger !

Buster Hyman
13th Dec 2002, 11:16

He must have a great pair of legs!!!! ;) ;) :D :D

13th Dec 2002, 11:21
Add that one to the deranged persons manual on how to hijack an aeroplane in 100 easy steps....:rolleyes:

Final 3 Greens
14th Dec 2002, 03:20
"like a London taxi"

So, no doubt it did a swift U-turn across the apron dodging the other traffic before picking the fare up??? :D

15th Dec 2002, 09:42
Load sheet obviously ammended!


15th Dec 2002, 17:58
makes our staff travel look quite good!!!!

16th Dec 2002, 01:40
TWA had a pilot flag down a 727 on the ramp prior to entering the taxiway. He dropped the stairs and climbed aboard.

Well, he HAD to make his commuter flight, didn't he?

I guess the meeting with the Chief Pilot didn't go well...:rolleyes: TC

16th Dec 2002, 10:14
All I can say is, that he is wellknown in Denmark, so it does not surprise anybody there...