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12th Dec 2002, 22:40
OK - all of you attending the Gatbash may be amused to see that I am sporting a green finger tip. The reason? I bought a new evening handbag (which y'all will see too!) and when I got it home I discovered that the salesperson had failed to remove the plastic security tag.

I could either go back to the store (ploughing through going-home traffic) or I could remove it myself. "How difficult should it be to remove?" I thought and proceeded to attack said tag with a variety of implements - two pairs of scissors providing the best leverage.

BUT ... lo... from the tag emerged a dark green liquid!! The bulk of this I mopped up with kitchen towel and when I finally emerged victorious from the battle of the tag it was to discover that my pan scourer, bleach and other household products appear incapable of removing this anti-theft dye!!! :D :D

So... before heading to the 'bash I will once again soak my finger in bleach etc etc etc but if I arrive with "ye greene finger", please don't all assume I have been bad, and learn the lesson - always check that tags are removed at point of sale!!!


12th Dec 2002, 22:43
Sound advice - you wouldn't want people confusing you with Winona Ryder! :)

Select Zone Five
12th Dec 2002, 23:00
You could always take up gardening and give yourself a less embarressing excuse! :p :rolleyes:

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