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12th Dec 2002, 18:52
Ears open in the Crew room in CH.

Heard that one particular ex instructor who is famous for "disciplining students with the fuel dipstick over the knuckles" when the exercises wern't up to his standard got a start date with ANZ for next year.

I Think there is hope for me yet!

It seems the personality tests don't look for sadistic tendencies

Going Boeing
13th Dec 2002, 04:43
ANZ is a bank, isn't it?

15th Dec 2002, 11:45
I would have thought "Old Wal" would have missed the cutoff a few years back and was sippin gins in Katikati...:D

15th Dec 2002, 21:18
Going Boeing I thought the same.

Why be a pilot with Air NZ when you can enjoy better wages/conditions being a bank teller with the ANZ!

just a groundhog
18th Dec 2002, 10:35
Itís incredible how small this industry is.

I was talking to a pilot at the airport the other night about this captain from a New Zealand domestic airline that wanted to get on one of our flights with a standby ticket and was demanding an upgrade to business class as well because they were a Captain. Well it didnít go down very well when they were told that an upgrade wasnít available. The performance was such that the ground supervisor decided to send a complaint letter to her airline in NZ.

So what you sayÖ people try for this kind of think all the timeÖ

This guy i was talking to told me that they have just been offered a job with Air New Zealand.

No - not as a ground supervisor but as a pilot.

Maybe the bosses letter didnít make it.