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11th Dec 2002, 23:46
Far North Queensland independent MP Bob Katter was ejected from a QF flight in Townsville recently because of abusive behaviour toward a Queensland public servant who is involved in issues relating to cane farming. Apparently the crew were following company rules when they punted Katter and in this they have my 100% support.

What really p$sses me off is that, according to the Courier-Mail newspaper, after Katter had "explained" his performance to Qantas, they arranged a charter flight for him so he could get to Cairns, evidently to continue his abuse. The impression you get from the article is that Qantas picked up the tab for the charter!! Is this so? If it is then I'm gobsmacked! Abuse is abuse, and is offensive to not only the innocent target of the abuse (a public servant implementing government policy) but to others in the vicinity. There is no place for people in that frame of mind on a commercial flight. They did right in flicking the clown, and he deserved no further assistance.

12th Dec 2002, 00:16
I hope Qantas backs up other decisions made by their Captains with the same vigour as they did in this case:confused:

If I was a QF fight crew, I would be seriously questioning this reported backdown.

12th Dec 2002, 00:52
This got a run in Crikey but did not have the details.

I agree, how do you "explain" away the alleged behaviour and why does that entitle you to special treatment?

Whilst not for a moment assuming the importance of Katters target, I have been the target of similar abuse ( which is usually irrational) in the confined space of an aircraft from which you cannot escape in order to defuse the situation and I'm here to tell you it is not the least bit pleasant and has real potential to elevate beyond the verbal.

The only "fix" is to remove the offender who at the very best is only slightly rational.?

To reward him for inexcusable and boorish behaviour with a private charter only serves to elevate his already unrealistic idea of the level of his own importance.

I would have expected better from QF.

But then this is QLD after all:D

12th Dec 2002, 01:45
Based on the information available and having dealt with the above person directly a BIG thumbs donw for QF this time.:mad:

bitter balance
12th Dec 2002, 02:54
Hang on, they rightly turfed him off the flight. Why thumbs down to QF? They did arrange a charter but I'm pretty sure it will be the fed tax payer and not QF who foots the bill. In fact comments from Katter indicate he (us) was lumped with the bill for the ticket and charter.

12th Dec 2002, 03:08
I did say based on the evidence above. I do not have access to the QLD papers and its not metioned in my local rag, that I could find anyway.

Correct Gaunty.

12th Dec 2002, 03:12
bitter balance

I think RENURRPs thumbs down was for the "charter" bit.:cool:

If as I expect you are right there should be an enquiry or at the very least a please explain for the cost of the charter.

If he can't behave himself as a civilised person should, why should the taxpayer suffer him polishing an overstuffed ego .:mad:

I have have not had the pleasure of this individuals unsolicited personal character assessment, but from what I've seen he also fits into the really dangerous category of "reason doesn't work so the more you ignore them the more irrational they become" just another reason to turf em.

Maybe Mick can get him to sign one of those "Voluntary Enforceable Undertaking" thingys making him pull his head in, before they let him back on an RPT again.

Captain Sand Dune
12th Dec 2002, 06:42
So did QF pay for the charter flight or not? Good "D" by the skipper to turf the idiot out though!!

12th Dec 2002, 09:40
Well if you haven't had the experience of watching / dealing with " young Bob " I can understand the Crews action. It had to happen some time.

I bet there are plenty of ex charter pilots that could tell a lot of stories. He is a nice bloke and gives his all to his electotate. He can be entertaining, noisy and intimidating! He can also be a complete goose!

We didn't roster junior pilots for his charters.

Cautions re last light, weather, flight connections and departure
points were lost to Bob. Why can't we land ? I told you Bob there are no runway lights at place x and your over two hours late!!

While he was a hand full he still supported GA.

12th Dec 2002, 12:24
From the Ops. Managers mouth "QF got the bill"

12th Dec 2002, 21:22
Brisbane Courier-Mail reported Thursday that Katter was threatening to sue Qantas if they tried to make him pay for the flight he was dumped from. Not sure about whose up for the charter cost.:mad:

Capt Claret
13th Dec 2002, 00:34
Saw Katter interviewed, if you can call his giggling responses an interview, on Sunrise this morning.

What a dill! :rolleyes:

13th Dec 2002, 00:40
"Threatening to sue!"

Qantas reply should have been "Go ahead. Make my day."
Sueing doesn't mean you will win the case.

13th Dec 2002, 03:08
Katter is a member of the elite " Chairmans Lounge " isn't he?

Maybe he will be the first to be evicted from this exclusive and ethically questionable club.

Bit of a cowardly thug if you ask me, taking serious issue with a public servant merely on orders from government.

Given the security issues facing airlines a media crucifiction is in order!

Lead Balloon
13th Dec 2002, 03:28

Why is the Chairmans Lounge ethically questionable?

As one who aspires to the lounge to get away from the teaming masses in the qantas club, I wouldn't want to make a mistake and accept their invitation. Please guide me towards an ethically fulfilling life.

Although if I'm going to meet the likes of Katter and Hanson in there I might stay in the Club, come to think of it.

Pimp Daddy
13th Dec 2002, 03:29
Having given this careful study I now believe Bob Katter to actually be a Ferengi.

http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/pics/photos/HX4.jpg http://www.startrek.com/content/Photo/DS9PEROM.GIF

Captain Sand Dune
13th Dec 2002, 03:38
Mr Katters' actions encapsulate what most Australians dislike about politicians in general - their view that they are for some reason above the accepted rules of behaviour that the rest of us have no problems conforming to. Given the focus on airline security over the last year or so (as mentioned before) his behaviour is unacceptable. Full marks to the crew for punting this loser. However according to what I can glean from other posts, thumbs down to QF management for giving in to this spoilt brat by turning around and forking out for the charter flight. Now this moron has the stunning audacity to threaten to sue!! Good point by MoFo - let the b&%%@r try and sue - please!!
Deep breath........calm blue ocean.....calm blue ocean........

13th Dec 2002, 05:02

Bit of a cowardly thug if you ask me, taking serious issue with a public servant merely on orders from government.

I spent a little time trying to encapsulate that same thought, thank you.

And heck agreeing with you twice in the one thread just has to stop.:eek: :D

Lead Balloon

Maybe he will be the first to be evicted from this exclusive and ethically questionable club.

There is some allure and from a commercial point of view, the Chairmans Lounge is a perfectly valid way of QF wooing high net worth and profile private business persons to their cause. Absolutely no problem with that, it is their and any commercial business' prerogative to do so.

I do have a fair bit of difficulty with the ethics of politicians in or out of Government and public servants at any level, period, taking advantage of the offer.
The whole idea is very very seductive and whilst I am not suggesting for a minute that QF would threaten to remove their privileges unless the recipients were compliant to their wishes it does place a moral obligation upon them that would be hard to satisfy.
I recall a time when this would never have even been an issue and when the Public Service had impeccable rules of conduct and behaviour in this regard and were paid accordingly.

But those days seem to be over. There's rules for the proles and rules for those not proles.

And in any event who pays the FBT on the provision of the "free service" and if it is part of the "ticket price" or "Qantas Club" membership, then why aren't I invited.

Sorry to rain on your parade guys, but this is Australia, the land of the egalitarian, which after all is said and done is "The Spirit of Australia"

Oh well there goes my invitation.:(

16th Dec 2002, 23:01
I dont suppose Bobs going to throw away all his frequent flier miles in protest at his treatment? How about his golden air ticket when he retires?

16th Dec 2002, 23:36
Why not tell Mr Katter, in a controlled manner of course, your thoughts on his behaviour.....Here's a chance for you to show Mr Katter how he should have behaved :D :D :D

I for one would be interested in any responses you get, but I doubt if you will in fact get any :p :p

Just send an e-mail to Mr Bob Katter ([email protected])