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10th Dec 2002, 04:28
Have heard from an impeccable source (TL refueller!!! Nah just kidding) that with the impending retirement from service of the former AN 734, that they are thinking of placing AC in TSV to chase mining and other charter work...?

10th Dec 2002, 05:28
Impeccable source had better buy a new Spotters Hand Book; it's a 737-300.

10th Dec 2002, 07:43
You might find that it's retirement is not necessarily impending as it is on such a cheap lease that there is no point in getting rid of it.

10th Dec 2002, 08:14
yes, czq is on a very attractive lease deal from CIT in Singapore i believe...

10th Dec 2002, 14:05
virgin are getting rid of it , getting rid of all the classics that are left

Sweet N Innocent
11th Dec 2002, 06:35
Probably gonna cause a few upsets here, but thank Christ for that.
Working on Suzie Q after a sector on an 800 is pure torture.
The crew seats suck, the galley sucks the toilets suck.
Off with her head!


11th Dec 2002, 09:45
Well at least the pressurization system works a treat.

12th Dec 2002, 03:08
But the flaps tend to stick a bit, eh Spruce ?

12th Dec 2002, 04:45
If I get your vibe Albert then no, the -300 has not had any flap problems that I know of.

50 Cal
12th Dec 2002, 10:15
You cruel ****** Albert!! :D :D

Rubber Chicken
12th Dec 2002, 12:38
I get it. Very good.

Home Brew
12th Dec 2002, 20:41
Nothing to get into a "flap" about, hey BUTT!!!!

Going Boeing
13th Dec 2002, 05:06
If DJ gets rid of the last couple of B737 "classics" then would they have to use a B73NG simulator in lieu of the ex-AN "classic" sim. It certainly wouldn't be fair on crews to do their licence renewals in a sim that is considerably different to the aircraft that they fly.

When the QF NG sim comes on-line, I believe that it will be heavily utilised doing a large amount of conversion and cyclic training for QF crews so I doubt if DJ will be able to rent capacity from QF and the Boeing Flight Safety/Virgin complex in BNE won't be up and running for a couple of years yet.

13th Dec 2002, 06:46
Most DJ pilots do their 6 monthly sims in Hong Kong at GECAT