View Full Version : Weather Holding Record

9th Dec 2002, 03:21
NASA report the space shutle landed last Saturday after holding for 4 days due bad weather over the US.

I'll never complain about 30 minutes at Sydney again.

cyclops camel
9th Dec 2002, 04:28
An extra four days in Space - sounds tough!!

Where do I sign?

9th Dec 2002, 09:56
I caught a TV news item (probably ch 10) that said the shuttle "had enough fuel for four landing attempts". Erm, too high, going around???

10th Dec 2002, 08:03
:D ROFL. ......."Discovery going around".............

You could imagine it "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Life must be a bitch crewing a space shuttle and having to hold for 4 days.............. damn.

11th Dec 2002, 10:56
Why did't he divert to the alternate?

I could just imagine one of the old controllers who would add up our fuel when we lodged our flight plan for OPS approval saying

"But you only have a 4 days margin fuel."

12th Dec 2002, 04:30
Saw something on TV that they don't like diverting to an alternate as it means:
a> Delay of the next launch as the shuttle isn't back getting turned around.
b> They have to fly it on a mod'ed 747 from where ever it landed.
c> The above probably costs more than the air and food consumed while spaceborne :)