View Full Version : Darwin Base Next?

Capt Claret
8th Dec 2002, 04:25
NJS management are rumoured to have declined to confirm or deny a planned relocation of the base to Elcho Island!

8th Dec 2002, 06:31
Might not be such a bad thing.

Have you been there??

Capt Claret
8th Dec 2002, 10:52

Not for long, land, shutdown, pick up patient, take off, depart!

I hear there is a wish for some tropical convergence near that zone! :p

8th Dec 2002, 10:53
The best part, it is another 280 nm from Adelaide.


The Baron
8th Dec 2002, 10:54
Claret been there?, he's got lations there! Personally, I much prefer Maningrida, they get a grog barge every two weeks and the crocs keep the camp dog problem under control by eating em in your back yard, bloody paradise...

Dan Kelly
8th Dec 2002, 11:10
RENURPP you must be the only one who didn't enjoy it, 'cept poor old Clarrie of course.

8th Dec 2002, 11:20
And they will probably replace the 146 with Nomads.