View Full Version : Britannia flight 812A flight control problem?

6th Dec 2002, 19:13
Could someone please elaborate regarding the return yesterday of Brittannia BY 812A from Heathrow to Barbados?

Seemed that they had some kind of flight control problem.

Would appreciate the feedback.


Bally Heck
7th Dec 2002, 03:27
Are you sure it was Heathrow hvpilot? May be a first for Britannia if it was!

red 5
7th Dec 2002, 13:46
Unable to raise t/e flaps between 5 & 1 after t/off except on alternate system. Company decision to return a/c to lgw for rectification, particularly as a positive fault was later found with the the system later on. Minimum disruption to the pax as there was a spare 767 available at lgw, therefore crew and pax were transferred straight onto the other 767 which the u/s one parked right next too.

7th Dec 2002, 18:01
Thanks Red 5.
Explained the tech details and procedures; elderly couple felt a lot better now.