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4th Dec 2002, 23:31
I recently saw an excellent book on secret German WWII aircraft including rocket propelled fighters and all types of sci fi stuff being developed in the 1940's. It included photos and drawings.

Unfortunately when I went back the next day it had been sold.

The problem is I didn't remember the name and haven't been able to find it again.

I have never seen a book like this, other than the usual Me 163 and Me 262 type stuff. Even the Me 309 was listed.

Does anyone know the name of the book I am refering to?


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You want it when?
5th Dec 2002, 07:42
I think the book you are talking about is "The Search For ZERO Point".

It's all about the hunt for anti-gravity, it seems the German were pretty close to using spinning saucers etc.. and the Americans who took the research were predicting break-throughs in the early '50s.

It's well written book, still in print and available via most web sites. Course it may all be rubbish, but as they say 'no smoke without fire' unless you're a firefighter in the UK.

14th Dec 2002, 02:47
I'm sure there's a book of the type you describe at Frankfurt airport aviation bookshop.
I'll have a look next time.

15th Dec 2002, 09:31
Another similar book I've seen is "Last talons of the Eagle", it details what might have been if the aircraft on the German drawing boards made it into production. Sorry, I can't remember who the author is or who published it :(

16th Dec 2002, 03:46
Thanks for your help so far, am still looking.


Arnhem Dog

16th Dec 2002, 11:32
One of the first books on this theme was David Masters' 'German Jet Genesis', published by Jane's in 1982 (ISBN 0 7106 0186 7). Since then there have been many What If? titles about German experimental aircraft. One I can recall from recent years was 'Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945' by Walter Schick. I think Midland Counties Publications put out an English language edition about five years ago. Try www.midlandcountiessuperstore.com.

10th Jan 2003, 10:59
Try 'Secret Aircraft Designs of the Third Reich' by David Myhra published by Schiffer Military History of Atglen PA USA phone 610 593 1777 or [email protected]. I got mine from the Duxford shop and forget what I paid for it. It's marked at 59.95 US Dollars. Not a bad read.

12th Jan 2003, 19:49
Amazon.com has it at the same price. You can view 22 sample pages too. It is the book I had seen at Frankfurt airport, but for 150% of the cover price.