View Full Version : Ansett B767-200's

4th Dec 2002, 11:51
Just curious.......
Is there anyone out there, that can make a qualified comment regarding the groundings of the Ansett B767's.
Were the groundings justified and have the aircraft concerned been sold since administration?

4th Dec 2002, 18:19
In relation to the aircraft being sold - None have been sold to date. RMF was to go to Kras Air of Russia but the deal fell thru. ANA are looking at RMK & L. Initially they looked at them with the intent of breaking them up for spares but were surprised with the overall (good) condition and are now trying to convince their management to service them and fly them for a while before scapping them.

5th Dec 2002, 08:15
RMK and L both had quite a few more hours on the airframe than the old original AN ones but had no where near the Cycles that the others did. All the years of the long haul life with Britannia certainly helped out there.

I reakon if someone had some money out there the old originals would be ideal a/c to convert to freighters, you would be able to buy them for a song, with the same fuel burn as the 727.