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Life as a journey
4th Dec 2002, 00:59

Not being in Australia, many of us look to the PPRuNe for information on how well AA have taken to the skies.

Has it been well received?

Those orange shirts are quite hard on the eye, but that was quite clever having the maker's name on every shirt. I imagine that may have reduced the cost of the uniforms.

I did hear that QF pilots do not want to go over to AA. This was not from an inside source at AA or QF, but did originate from an authority close to the action.

And the next expansionary phase is when???

4th Dec 2002, 01:43
Southern base to be announced early next year, March or April I think? 4 more 763s to be based there.


4th Dec 2002, 06:08
Sydney is now being looked at as the preferred new base.

4th Dec 2002, 10:55
Now haven't I seen that shirt style before somewhere, with the company logo on the back? Virtual Blue or something wasn't it.