View Full Version : precision simulator software is it a real help ?

1st Dec 2002, 20:16

what do you think about precision simulator ?(http://www.aerowinx.de/ ) i am an ATP student and I am considering to buy this software to get a better understanding of aircraft systems and FMS.

considering the cost of this software , it s half of the cost in a seneca2 without a flight instructor.

any comments about this software ?

2nd Dec 2002, 08:51

This software is an excellent way to see a Boeing flight deck automation in action.

I found it invaluable when my Australian ATPL instructor used it in conjunction with a projection screen to illustrate automated flight, following lectures on the subject.

Some things you cannot learn from diagrams in a book -- this was definitely the best way to see how the autopilot modes worked, and you could try things for yourself.

However, after an hour or so, we all got the idea. After all the system must be simple if airline pilots are to use it :D

Despite this excellent ability, I decided that the cost was too high. Also, after you get the idea you will probably not use it again until you possibly get invited to interview for an airline that uses Boeing aircraft. If you have some amenable class mates, why not pool your resources and buy one copy between yourselves?

2nd Dec 2002, 10:14

alternatively, buy Microsoft Flight Sim 2002 - you can download fully working FMC's for any aircraft then at www.flightsim.com

Graphics are a lot better also.

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