View Full Version : Any Argosies still flying?

1st Dec 2002, 12:57
The AW650 that is!

Sheer idle curiosity as I am preparing an article on flying the Wheelbarrow by the excellent Ken FitzRoy, so I wondered if any of you know of survivors that are still airworthy in far flung corners of the globe.



1st Dec 2002, 16:34
No, none flying. None even remotely airworthy either.

1st Dec 2002, 21:50
Ah, the beautiful April of MAM, fondly known as the 'Whistling Tit' :D
Spent many a happy hour showing people round the cockpit of her. Kids love it, especially when I tell them she had a female captain at one point. There are always gasps of astonishment ;) I think there are only something like 15 left aren't there? Shame I'll never get to see some of these old aircraft flying :(