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30th Nov 2002, 07:45
From the YSSY board - any comments anyone?

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Here’s a rumour from an ‘aviation insider’.

Eureka Airlines, a low-cost Australian domestic budget, holiday airline, is planning to start up operations May 2003 with 2 X MD83's, followed by another 2 MD83's two months later. I’m told the livery is ‘not too flash’. They are planning to cover a heap of cities. Believed to be 55% Australian-owned and backed by others in South-East Asia.

That’s all I have at the moment

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Sounds a lot like the legendary Spirit Airlines (now saying "starting 2003")!!

1st Dec 2002, 00:27
I wouldn't be racing out and buying an MD83 conversion just yet!

1st Dec 2002, 01:26
Extracted from ASIC's database:
ACN: 102 433 090

Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
Registration Date: 08/10/2002
Status: Registered
Locality of Registered Office: Melbourne VIC 3000
Jurisdiction: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

And a Business Name registered in every state!

Not that all those registrations necessarily indicate anything more than the shareholders had a spare couple of grand for company and business name registrations.

2nd Dec 2002, 23:18
G'day Apacau. Noticed you're from CB. Have you heard anything re RPT flights with Brindabella. Hearing a couple of rumours that they are definately starting up?

3rd Dec 2002, 03:48
Yes, flights to NTL are definitely starting in early Feb with twice daily Mon-Fri services.

Look out for flights to Albury around the same time.

Start with Chieftans with a desire to upgrade to 19-seat equipment as business grows.