View Full Version : Virgin Blue Business Class.

Boeing Belly
30th Nov 2002, 06:17
A friend of mine has just been employed by Virgin to help run the Executive Lounges for Business Class passengers. Deal to be announced soon. They've certainly changed their tune over the last six months or so.

30th Nov 2002, 14:51
Business Class?

F.F. Points System?

What next - Full Star Alliance Membership with oncarriage from SQ & UA?.

30th Nov 2002, 22:25
Don't get too excited.

I think you will find that lounge will run on a "pay as you use" system.

eisle s
1st Dec 2002, 00:55
Spot on 34R. You will have the option to pay extra for your ticket and gain entry to the lounges.

4th Dec 2002, 01:47
How much extra?


4th Dec 2002, 07:34
Does that mean 'pay as you use' for economy class and entry for business class - if it eventuates?

4th Dec 2002, 09:49
It won,t be Business Class. It will be exactly like QF and AN with membership to the club on a user pay - per annum basis.
If you want to use the services of the lounge you pay your annual fee.

Why not offer this, it's available now with no AN. Lounges were not in the picture before AN's collapse, same as Valet.

Good on them, taking up a business oppurtunity.