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29th Nov 2002, 16:12
Going on a trip soon to Glasgow/Edinburgh and London.Anyone have any recommendations for the above?
I don't know if I'm aimaging it but it seems Borders in Glasgow has gone to pot and Motor Books and The Aviation Bookshop in London aren't what they were.
Thanks in advance.

Cornish Jack
30th Nov 2002, 08:17
Don't know whether it's still in operation, but Beaumonts Aviation bookshop on Holloway Road, London used to have just about every aviation book in publication. If I wasn't so busy (synonym for lazy), I'd run a Google or Dogpile search on Beaumonts. ;)

2nd Dec 2002, 13:59
I take it from your question that you already know about the shop on Holloway Road.

For those that don't know this shop but might be interested, nowadays it is just called "The Aviation Bookshop". It is on the Holloway Road, half a mile or so south of Archway, on the right hand side as you head north from Islington, near a petrol station. The shop has a huge stock, but be prepared to hunt around and clamber up ladders as the books are not shelved in any particular order. You can haggle over prices, particularly if you buy a lot of books in one go. In the recent past, I have found there excellent first or early editions of St Exupery, Clostermann, Morrow Lindbergh, various WW1 and WW2 memoirs etc etc.

You can occasionally find old and sometimes interesting aviation related books in the travel bookshop just off Charing Cross Road . Copies of "20,000 Miles in a Flying Boat" turn up quite often, although frankly it is rather a dull read.

Anyone in East Anglia looking for a wacky, eclectic selection of civil and military aviation tomes should check out the Brazen Head bookshop in Burnham Market (aka Chelsea-next-the-Sea). It's also excellent for Nelsoniana, history in general and, well, everything really. Why not PPR and land at the delightful Burnham farm strip and then walk the mile or so into Burnham Market, passing Nelson's birthplace and local pub on the way. Otherwise the nearest landing site is Swanton Morley now that, alas, Little Snoring is closed to visiting aircraft

2nd Dec 2002, 21:08
If you are looking for a really good second hand site try
Abebooks -


I just bought a mint 1st edition of Jack Broghtons excellent "Going Downtown" for 10.50 inc postage. The range of books they have is truly astounding.

8th Dec 2002, 23:17

If you e mail me direct at [email protected], I can e mail back a comprehensive database of Aviation Booksellers UK inc internet ones.

Regards Martin Burney

Background Noise
12th Dec 2002, 16:35
When I'm in London I usually have a browse around Foyles - its about the biggest and best stocked bookshop I've seen. It's in Charing Cross road between Leicester Sq and Tottenham Ct Rd tube stns. However, I buy most stuff on the internet which is probably the biggest bookshop in the World!

Foyles (http://www.foyles.co.uk/)

The Inspector
13th Dec 2002, 22:21
Motorbooks, in St Martin's Court, just behind the Albery Theatre(I think) in Londons Charing Cross/Covent Garden area. Lots of books in the basement and well worth a visit , and only a short walk from Foyles

15th Dec 2002, 21:45
The Ian Allan shop in Lower Marsh, behind Waterloo station, is well worth a visit for all transport subjects. Branch also in Manchester by Piccadilly Station, and I think in Brum as well.