View Full Version : QF's Longest Routes

29th Nov 2002, 06:53
Can anyone tell me QF's longest routes for 767 - is it Perth - Tokyo?

29th Nov 2002, 07:17
Melbourne-Tokyo is about 130nms longer. (4413nms great circle)

Capt Fathom
29th Nov 2002, 08:40
SYD PEK 4824 nm (Beijing)
SYD SEL 4486 nm (Seoul)
SYD HNL 4402 nm (Honolulu)
*MEL NRT 4397 nm (Tokyo)
*PER NRT 4275 nm (Tokyo)
SYD SHA 4245 nm (Shanghai)
*MEL HKG 3988 nm (Hongkong)
*SYD HKG 3980 nm (Hongkong)

* Current Routes

Buster Hyman
1st Dec 2002, 00:24
Surely it was when they got a hold of TN, but now they've got ANZ....oh, sorry...route!...dunno.:rolleyes:

2nd Dec 2002, 17:37
How long was HNL-YYZ?

2nd Dec 2002, 18:23
Only 2350+ nm, but it is still one of the longest ETOPS hops around. Alaskan does it in a 737.