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29th Nov 2002, 02:50

'Shortcut' to Europe means big savings for Qantas
November 28 2002

Qantas and other airlines will save an oil tanker load of fuel a year by flying new routes between Australia and Europe, which come into effect today.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has been working with 40 countries to develop more direct flying routes from Australia and Asia to the Middle East and Europe.

"The new streamlined air route structure will provide shorter and less congested routes," ICAO official John Richardson said.

"This means less flying time for the airline operator and less delay in climbing to the optimum altitude for the cruising phase of the flight.

"There will be improved aircraft fuel efficiency and even factoring-in a very conservative one per cent saving across the board, this will result in a saving of 25,000 tonnes of fuel per year - and we think we will do better than that."

Airservices Australia said the new routes would drastically reduce aviation fuel consumption, cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce travel times between Australasia and Europe and enhance aviation safety.

Flying time between Sydney and London would be cut by 30 minutes.

It said 45 wide-bodied aircraft departed Australasian airports for Europe each day, but the congestion on the previous route structure meant less than half of those flights were able to achieve their most efficient cruising altitude.


29th Nov 2002, 06:50
Is this for flights from Singapore or KL - rather than more northen ports such Bangkok?