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Lake Moondarra
29th Nov 2002, 00:47
A new Qantas Airbus A330-200 is set to shock the airline's top-paying customers.

It is fitted with middle seats in its domestic business class cabin, and it's coming to the Cityflyer inter-capital services next month.

Middle seats have long been the curse of the economy classes.

Being sandwiched between two other travellers is a fact of life for the overwhelming majority of travellers who fly at the back of the bus. But in the new Airbuses - the first two of which are due to go into service by the end of December - there are 38 business class seats arranged two by three by two in five rows.

"The CEOs and CFOs are not going to be amused," said Col Williamson, executive director of Synergi Travel, which has a large number of them in its corporate accounts.

"They pay the business class premium for space, privacy and enhanced service, and they will be very unhappy."

But John Borghetti, the executive general manager, sales and marketing, at Qantas, insisted otherwise.

"People will love the new cabin" he said.

"The middle seats will always be allocated last and often left empty, and we are less than a month away from international cuisine even on the shortest domestic business class flights."

On the new Airbuses, the odds of a business traveller being sandwiched between two captains of industry for four hours and 45 minutes on a transcontinental flight to Perth are six in 38.

Mr Williamson said: "They won't like it." Mr Borghetti said: "They'll like it a lot more than being crammed up against a window seat in a 737."

Time will tell.

Glenn Buckingham, the chief executive officer of the Australasian Business Travel Association, said: "This will add to the perception among members that service standards are falling while the prices stay the same."

ABTA represents the corporate travel account managers of most of Australia's Top 100 companies.

As the Qantas style master, Mr Borghetti has copped constant flack for the cardboard food boxes in economy and insisted the new Airbus business cabin won't cause him as much trouble.

But perhaps that is because there are so few people actually paying business class any more.

"Domestic business class loses us money," Mr Borghetti said.

"Even without counting $50 million spent on new lounges, we don't make a dollar out of it."

29th Nov 2002, 00:55
If hardly anyone goes J class, and the middle seat will hardly ever be used anyway, then why not just go with the 2,2,2 option and make everyone happy?


29th Nov 2002, 04:47
Hobay 3 I disagree..........the centre seats are where the paxing Capt. and FO will be!:D

2nd Dec 2002, 09:41
Emirates use 2-3-2 on their 330s yet you only hear good things about their J product. Also how many airlines in the world use 2-3-2 seating in J on their 777/747s?! Stacks. Granted, the seats are maybe an inch and a bit wider but I cannot imagine it makes that much difference, especially on sectors under 5 hours. Hell, BA use 2-4-2 in their J class on widebodies!

QF DONT make money from domestic J class. Why wouldn't they try and maximise the return on poorly performing product? They would be stupid not to!

It will be better than those covertible seats on the 737s (especially being trapped in a window seat!). The centre seat will be used LAST. ie. you have more a chance of having the seat in the middle free - more space for you.

There is some photos of the EK J class interior for the 330 on airliners.net. Have a look. It isn't all that bad.

2nd Dec 2002, 21:28
Come to think of it, those are pretty good arguments for 2-3-2 I suppose!!!

:o :o :o